Licencing ACE compression technology

If you're planning to use Ace compression in one of your software projects or if you need to extract data that has been compressed with Ace within your application, there are several options available for licencing our compression technology.


Free extraction - UnACE.DLL

If you're looking for an easy solution for extracting data that has been compressed with Ace or WinAce, our royalty-free UnACE.DLL is your best option.

UnACE.DLL is a Windows 32bit dynamic link library that allows fully compatible extraction of Ace files and also supports multiple volume archives and password protection. It is ideally suited for allowing your customers to extract distributed data files seamlessly from within your software application for further processing.

The downloadable distribution of UnACE.DLL contains the 32bit .DLL, a list of function calls as well as some function prototypes, structures and constants to include when using the .DLL.

The UnACE.DLL package is freeware and can be downloaded here (504 kB)

Affordable compression & extraction - ActiveACE

If you need an affordable solution for using fully compatible Ace compression in your software project, you may want to consider using ActiveACE, a dynamic link library (.DLL) that includes all features and the powerful compression of WinAce - along with full compatibility.

Using ActiveACE in your product is free of charge for you as a developer. However, ActiveACE is a shareware component that will randomly pop up a registration screen when using the compression functions of the .DLL.
The end-user of the software product utilizing ActiveACE will be asked to purchase ActiveACE from us in order to get rid of the regstration reminder screen.

There are no restrictions in ActiveACE other than this registration information screen.
The registration fee for ActiveACE is US$ 29.00 and includes a full version of WinAce as well.

Please contact us for details on how to use and distribute ActiveACE.

Click here to download the ActiveACEe package (785.0 kB)


Professional compression & extraction - ACE Compression Library (ACL)

Our ACE Compression Libraries, ACL Basic and ACL Pro offer seamless integration of both powerful and versatile compression and file extraction.

ACL Basic features the compression features and performance of WinAce 1.x, while the ACL Professional version additionally offers the advanced and more powerful WinAce 2.x compression and it's range of features.

We have made two demo versions of the ACE Compression Libraries available for evaluation purposes - Please feel free to contact us for details, if you have any questions regarding the use or the licencing terms of the ACL packages. We will be happy to send you a copy of the demo packages by email.

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ACL Basic

Win32 .DLL with ACE 1.0 compression performance

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Win32 .DLL with ACE 2.0 compression performance

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Please note:

Although the compression used in both ACE Compressions Libraries offers the same performance regarding compression speed and ratio as the retail version of WinAce, the archive format used in these two Libraries is not fully compatible with the standard ACE format.

Please contact us directly for more information on the ACE Compression libraries.

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